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BETSO88 is Philippines online casino.

You can play on BETSO88 website, or download app on a mobile device (Android & iOS). We also provide 24/7 cash-out and customer service.

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What is "Turnover"?

Turnover is the total bet amount either win or loss.

For example:

Your first bet is 10PHP, but loss 8PHP;

second bet is 20PHP, and win 1000PHP;

third bet is 50PHP, and loss 50PHP;

your total turnover is 80PHP (10+20+50).

An example for turnover
An example for turnover

Here is an example, you need to use bonus 98PHP to reach 25 times turnovers to pass the promotion. It means that you have to reach 98 x 25 = 2,450PHP to pass.

However, please note that each promotion has different turnover rules. Sometimes it has different way to calculate the amounts.


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